hoop hop: emerging movement genre

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santa cruz hoop dance

Hoop Hop is a flow art that merges basic hoop technique with bottom-heavy hip hop dance.

"For years, I have been continually experimenting & expanding upon ways to blend dance with hoop. In August, 2015, I was asked to set a hoop piece on my professional dance company and voila,
Hoop Hop was officially born."
-Brynne Flidais


Brynne Flidais

Join the Santa Cruz Hoop Dance community
MONTHLY, monday evening, 6:30-8:30pm 
​@ santa cruz mah's abbott sqUARE

Intuitive movement

~Ignite your vitality
~Increase strength, flexibility & fitness
~Gain full-body mobility & coordination
~Unleash your unique style in an encouraging environment
~Discover the many benefits of attaining a ‘flow state’

hip hop + hoop

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