Intuitive movement

Brynne Flidais

Upcoming performance :: Max10 - better than TV cheaper than a movie
Thursday Nov 2nd, 8:00pm@ Motion Pacific Dance Studio

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Drop into the Spirit of the season with Moon Madonnas! Witness passionate dance theater celebrating human resilience and soul evolution at Max10

The veil between worlds is thin as three women journey through ancient archetypes, dancing feet guided by original music from 
. ★ Thursday Nov 2nd ★

"Sacred Dance performance guided by Artistic Intuition and Moon Messages."

We are opened by Moving. Through it, we can find a deeper way of connecting, helping, healing, and celebrating. When we dance with abandon and truly listen to the rhythm within, we become fully alive. 

"I dance because I have a deep yearning for kinesthetic joy. I dance for the health of our Earth. I dance to become a sacred vessel for music.

I dance to give permission.
​I seek to exemplify and facilitate intuitive movement for ALL through passionate, intentional dance happenings."
-Brynne Flidais

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