Rebalancing Body/Mind Connection

The world is moving at high speeds and the pressure is on. Today, it feels like I have to get 47 things done. Monday morning sometimes comes with a dreaded sinking feeling as I guffaw at my ever-expanding To Do List. 

Stop. Close eyes. Remember there is an easier way.

My Western culture puts productivity high up on a pedestal. The need to PRODUCE is highly valued. There is a prevailing belief that if we don't DO SOMETHING, make something out of each day that has external results, we are somehow failing. This mentality, this pressure to go, go, go really gets to me sometimes.

You too?

To find balance in bobble-head culture, we all need to take time to release pain and negative thoughts with breath and movement.

When we spend quality time tending our mental exhaustion and stimulating our life force energy, a true shift happens. A space opens where we can...

  • Access our receptivity, our back body
  • Feel into playfulness by awakening body side movement
  • Intentionally open the back & sides of lungs with breath
  • Check out how the world changes when we engage peripheral vision
  • Experiment with pace & notice when we feel stressful and when we feel easeful

We go to the dance floor to observe, to notice what this fast-past, goal-oriented, must-do attitude feels like in the body.  Here, we can listen deeply and then choose to shift into a more connected, intuitive, creative existence. 


Brynne Flidais